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Birthday Cake Prices and Sizes

  • 7 inch £60  (serving 16/20 portions)

  • 8 inch £75  (serving 25/30 portions)

  • 9 inch £85  (serving 35/40 portions)

  • 10 inch £95  (serving 45/55 portions)

  • 11 inch £110  (serving 55/70 portions)

  • 12 inch £125  (serving 60/80 portions)

Portions are based on finger portions.

Birthday Cake Flavours

  • Vanilla Sponge – Madagascan vanilla bean sponge layered with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream
  • Zesty lemon sponge – Lemon sponge layered with luxury curd and lemony buttercream
  • Chocolate mud cake filled with caramel and chocolate fudge cream

All cakes are filled with 3 layers of jam/curd/caramel and buttercream. The sponges are soaked with syrup to enhance their flavours resulting in a moist, delicious cake.

Ordering a Birthday Cake

  • Choose from the 3 designs
  • Choose your flavour
  • Choose your size
  • Personalise with your own message and colours

To place your order phone on 07500 554215 or email through the contact page. Please allow as much time as possible when ordering as may not be able to accommodate last minute orders.